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I just recently purchased an oxyfuel setup and am having problems attaching the regulator to the oxygen tank. I have cleaned and attached the regulators to the tanks, but as I open the oxygen cylinder valve, air rushes out of the safety assembly as well as the outlet rather than fully pressurizing the regulator. Is something wrong with the tank or have I set something up wrong?

I took a welding class at a community college, but we had central tanks that I never had to fool with so I am at a loss. Any help would be much appreciated.


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YOu need to be more specific about this 'safety assembly' you are refering to.

If it is the overpressure device on the regulator itself, the seat on the regulator valve itself may be hung open with some debris, or the diaphragm may be punctured.

Exactly where is the 'safety device' and what does it look like?


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jim rozen

start by telling us what a "safety assy" looks like and where it's located.


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Talk to your gas supplier. It sounds as if the safety valve is open/ not fully installed/ incomplete. (one of the above)

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

COuld be that when the bottle was filled - the safety is kept open and it wasn't closed, just the main valve.

I have them on propane bottles also - but the person (men and women) leaves a screw driver hanging out - to remind them.


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