Drill doctor

Finally called Drill Doctor to see if my particular DD500C machine was part
of the replacement campaign I had read about right here on RCM (swelling
plastic)... Talked to Denise, and she indicated the number on my unit did
indeed qualify for replacement. She also said the free replacement will be
expiring in about 30 days. After that, there are some costs for the
replacement on effect models (500 and 750).
She handled my inquiry with care and expedition. I am excited once again
about trying the Drill Doctor, because it could not be more useless than the
first one, which led to me contemplating finding a new hobby after my
constant failure as a drill sharpener.
Anyways, thought I would pass that on to any other procrastinators, such as
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What is the Web site for this problem? Steve
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Steve Lusardi
Do a search for drill doctor and you can read all about it.
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