Non-toxic finish on raw steel

Hey, I have a bicycle frame that is bare steel of unknown origin or
type (lightweight and made in Italy is all I have to go on)), and I
live in Chicago. It is too cold to spray paint here now, so I am
looking for some economical protectant or finish I can coat it with
that will project it from the elements with regular maintenance.
The things I was thinking of or have been told about are: MAAS (or some
other) metal protector, provided their claims are correct that it
protects metals from corrosion - Regular Naval Jelly rust dissolver
treatment (once a month wipedown or something like that), or somebody
suggested car wax, but??? Oils, ceramic coating??? I'm kind of a
clean slate right now.
Anybody had to protect bare metal that's outside sometimes and know
what works best (that I can do myself without poisoning my lungs too
I could easily wait until it's warm and just paint it, but.....
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ahhhh, exactly the type of thing I was looking for, thank you! I knew there was some type of metal protector out there that was appropriate.....
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