Cold bending of 8mm steel

Could someone please tell me what the general rule is for cold bending mild steel plate/bar (8mm thick and approx 50mm wide (approx 1/3" x

2")). I need a 90 degree bend - It's for a car brake pedal so I'd prefer it not to be weakened too much 8o)

many thanks


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Coldworking (bending) will actually harden the material (if you do it excessively, the piece will eventually fair due to brittleness).

What is the radius of the bend you want to make? That's the important part.

What do you want to use to do it?



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Robin S.

The final shape I need is being cut out of a larger chunk of metal. What I would like to do is to cut out a shape like this -

bend1 bend2 | |

***** | ************* | ******* ***** | ************* | ******* *********************** | ******* ********************************* ***** | *********************** ***** | ************* | ******* | |

Then clamp it in a vice and lean VERY heavily on the shape to make the 'notched' cross sctions bend. Hopefully by leaving broader areas the full width of the metal they will remain undistorted after bending. I can then cut/file/grind the rest of the shape out after bending. I've tried this on scrap and the inner radius was approx 8-10mm. It looks ok (to me) and there are no visible signs of craking/weakening but I'm not an expert. Obviously by making the 'notches' wider the radius would increase but I don't have a press so I can't control the radius beyond that. Does this seem sound? or do I need to get it professionally heated/bent/made?



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