OA regs question

I just picked up a nice looking set of big Victor regs, new hose, and used,
but good Victor cutting torch. $50. The T handles were cranked in rather
hard, and even as I was looking at them, I just had to back them out.
Now, I want to test them. I have a 75/25 bottle which I could hook up to
check the oxygen side. Would that be okay just for a check? Can I hook the
acetylene reg up to a bottle of propane JUST FOR A CHECK. I know I have to
go buy some new bottles, but just want to try these, and check with soapy
The guy had several bottles, all AIR GAS cast around the collar and all
"guaranteed not to be a hassle when you take them to get them filled." I
passed and said I already had bottles. (this ain't my first rodeo)
Can I just check these like this, AND is it safe? It will be a while before
I buy bottles and use them with surgery looming, but couldn't pass on the
deal. Nice glass, nice clean dial faces, and no green chlorine tarnish as
is on most local regulators that come out of local plants in lunch boxes.
If it's not safe, I'll just take them to the welding supply and have them
checked for a fee.
Pardon for multiple posts, and just stand back for a moment if the cerebral
flatulence is offensive .............
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The simple answer is no. The connector is different for oxygen than for shielding gas (although they are both high pressure). And you don't want to get propane "stuff" in a regulator you are going to use for acetylene. Your best bet is to take them to your local welding supply.
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