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Hi everyone

What is a reasonable oil rate for air tools?

Reason for asking is - my T-shirts become black with oil from tool exhaust.

When you see a bottle of air tool oil it says something like "put 5 drips of oil down the tool's air hose every day".

The oilers are set for a drip every 10 seconds - that's about 2800 drips a day!

(Get to a drip every 5seconds and you start seeing visible runs of oil out of the tool - but have been told one tool manufacturer recommended this rate!)

Tools are big two-handed die-grinders, using "finger stones" about

25mm dia, if you wanted to know (also have angle-grinders, but these much-less usage time)

Even if the tools lasted half as long (these tools last at least a decade on two-shift, 16hr-a-day operation) you'd want to avoid having so much oil on you.


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On 04 Jul 2009 10:11:43 +0100, the infamous Richard Smith scrawled the following:

I seldom used mine for more than five minutes at a time (usually ten second spurts) and found that a couple drops a day was sufficient for an auto mechanic's tools.

Erm, taht's too much oil.

Way too much, IMHO.

OK, die grinders need more for their constant high-speed use, but that still seems like extreme overkill. For my own use, I'd probably oil the thing at each session. 2 shifts, 2 oilings per day.

So buy or make exhaust deflectors for those messy tools.

P.S: That much oil coming out is a skin, floor, and air hazard/contaminant.

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That is too much. Most oilers are set to put out too much. Heck, many old compressors loose enough oil to lube everything in the plant..

How many hours a day do you use the tools in question?


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8 hours a day


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Richard Smith

Hi all

Thanks for advice, as always when I come here for help. The answer I arrived at

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Fabric sleeve over air-motor part of die-grinder, filtering and slowing-down / diffusing exhaust.

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