Old Iron In Orlando

There was a craigslist add in Orlando a week ago.
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I called and talked to Brian, set up a visit.
Brian Parramore appears to be the 2nd or 3rd generation owner of
Parramore Foundry and Machine Works. They do not do on site foundry
work any more.
Brian said they need to clear some room and he wants "a little more
than scrap" for the machines. He is litterally 300 ft from the scrap
yard, he said he got 11 cents a pound last time but knows that prices
are down a little. I expect 10 or 11 cents a pound would buy these.
Anybody want to estimate the weights? He has the following (at least)
for sale:
1) S W Putnam and Sons 44" lathe, they have a drum semi permanently
mounted to this that they use as a tumbler. has riser blocks Brian
says they cast themselves and planed flat with a planer they sold
(damn) in the 90's. (inside the shop)
2) camelback drill press. I did not see a makers name. Looks pretty
intact, bracket that holds up the feed lever is broken off and missing
(inside the shop)
3) Boring mill, I did not see a makers name (they used it until it
wore out, inside the shop)
4) Steptoe 20" shaper (he thinks he may have the vise somewhere, out
in the rain)
5) Hendey Norton 2G universal horizontal mill (spindle bearing gets
hot and binds up in a few minutes run time, out in the rain)
6) Douglass 7A slotter (out in the rain)
7) Southbend heavy 10 lathe. (out in the rain)
I'm going out of town for 2 weeks, but could do further inspection,
more pictures, etc when I get back if anyone is seriously interested.
I'll try to upload pictures to the drop box tonight.
My shop is full and my wallet is empty so I am not really interested
in any of these ( I keep telling myself that, over and over and over.
I have the disease too. )
Brian can be reached @
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