On the hunt for new rolling tool cabinet

As post-Katrina rebuilding continues, my tools have outgrown the
available storage space, so the search for a new rolling tool cabinet is
Has anyone bought this
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13-drawer cabinet for $399? Due to the weight, shipping can really jack
up the price for these cabinets; it appears that HF will ship this for
an additional $62.
How about the infamous Grizzly,
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which seems quite similar to the HF in both dimensions and weight, but
costs three times as much.
Then there is the low price leader, the "Excel"
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for only $99. What a deal, eh? Or is it total crap.
Please let me know your experience with any of the choices above, or
other suggestions.
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Jedd Haas
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Sears has been running some specials lately on some of their roll arounds, FWIW.
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I got fed up with a similar problem, so I built my own. Dirt cheap, too. Go to
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and look for the files starting with "toolrack." I'd do a better job next time, though.
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Carl McIver
I have looked at the low priced HF unit a few times. It is narrow if you plan on moving it loaded. The drawers didn't seem all that stout either. It is rated for a total of 475 pounds which isn't really all that much when it comes to tools. 69 pounds for the top panel itself.
Now item number 94496 on the other hand is a rugged unit. It is rated for 3,124 pounds and is VERY stout. It is more money but it is worth it as it will last a while. I had the manager of the local store order in one for me to buy. No extra money for shipping that way. Might be worth it to check with your local store about it.
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Steve W.
Buy some good casters. Buy some good drawer slides. Assemble, adding wood and/or metal as needed.
Depending on size of tooling to be stored, buy some good casters. Visit the used office furniture emporia, pick up a filing cabinet, flat file, old computer card cabinet, etc (with good drawer slides). Make a frame for the casters, roll.
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I bought this one from Enco on sale and I'm very pleased with it:
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Don Foreman
Costco has a big stainless unit for about $650. I didn't check it out too closely. I did buy a smaller unit from Costco for about $80 and I'm quite happy with it.
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I bought the bigger one last year from Sam's. It was cheaper then 8^) I have been very happy with it. The drawers are smooth, even though some are very over loaded. It holds a Hell of a lotta tools.
Jay Cups
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