One product that I recommend

I bought a Bryant motor switch a whie ago. It is a 2 pole switch that
fits into regular square electric boxes. It is bigger than a light
switch and requires a dedicated box with the cover that has a switch
lever hole in the middle. It is rated for 5 HP, single phase,
240v. (more at higher voltages) I installed it on my compressor,
because I did not like the fact that I used a general duty disconnect
to switch it on.
It works great and makes turning the compressor on easier, and turning
it off quieter. (the disconnect makes a loud BANG sound and is
attached to the wall below our bedroom). It is a very simple product
that wires into regular household electrical boxes.
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Did you buy that locally, or online; if the latter, where?
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Grant Erwin
I bought it on ebay. It was not cheap, about $17.
I checked now and found 3 pole versions also.
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Graingers used to carry a similar product also.
dennis in nca
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That's nice to know. I am very happy with this switch!!!
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