Ot: A rant about eroded liberties

Duh, don't we ever learn anything?
Yet another law meant to protect us from wacko gun owners.
Anyone who meets todays stringent standards of being mentally chalanged
can't get a gun .. now who is not against that?
However, if we are to look at the history of Washington's noble efforts to
help the citizenry we must assume it will follow the same course with this
First thing they will do is change the definition of what constitutes a
mental problem untill it becomes so all encompassing that if you even visit
a marriage counsler you are under the catagory of Wacko, or Wackette if your
female. The true wacko's will never visit a doctor because of the knowlege
they will be turned in thus losing thier foil hats along with the ability to
communicate with the aliens < non mexican types>.
Then,I can just about guarantee that in 10 years the wacko's will be the
only ones left with the ability to buy a gun
I'm old enough to remember when abortion was made legal. It was also a
noble effort we were told to prevent the women from being subjected to "back
alley" butchers. It would only be used as a last effort means. Who could
be against that?
Well, almost 40 years later some women are yanking viable babies out ( many
are left to die on the table), and it's legal.
We are where we are today because of a simple effort to correct a wrong.
The gays were really being pummeled, so we pass a law that was only meant to
prevent discrimination. I saw nothing wrong with that until the gays took
that as a mandate to teach our children the "joys" of being gay. They
wanted gay marriages and the right to adopt children. Like many of these
kids are not going to be sex toys for their dysfunction. Groups like NAMBA
are embraced by many gay men.
We are where we are today because of a simple effort to correct a wrong.
When will we learn that these innocent, good intentioned laws are used as a
stepping stone by legislators to customize it's purpose to suit them?
You don't use liberty overnight but one tiny step at a time.
A good example today is the "War". Check your Constriction and read what
is required for a war to be declared. Yet we follow lock stepped because
the whole Iraq fiasco is called a "War" when it does not meet the
Constitutional criteria to be a legal war
If the Constitution were followed we would never had Vietnam.
What does our Constitution say about war?
Our Founders divided war into two separate powers: Congress was given the
power to declare war and the president was given the power to wage war. What
that means is that under our system of government, the president cannot
legally wage war against another nation in the absence of a declaration of
war against that nation from Congress.
'The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do
nothing. English philosopher Edmund Burke
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