OT- Backhoe aatachment wanted

Well at least they're made out of metal. Anyway, I'm looking for a backhoe attachment to go onto the back of my 9N tractor. I've looked on the web but no luck so far. I can buy one new but I don't have $5000 to spend on one. So if anyone has one for sale or knows of one in Washington state or even Oregon please let me know. Thank You All, Eric R Snow, Poor and Hopeful

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Eric R Snow
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Hi Eric, Would you want to build one? Check out:

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Cheers, Jim Sequim, WA

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Jim & Hils


I got one--it dont work worth a damn down here, too much solid rock and hardpan--we plant trees an shrubs by using the posthole auger....if it wont drill a hole, we move on over six or eight feet.......Maybe throw a couple four or five loads of soil over the spot someday......

If I need a trench dug, I call George, down the street--he has an excavating company, when he gets low on work he skedaddles on over here with his Case

580 Extenda-Hoe....he can often dig 150+ feet per hour, I would estimate....

What kind of dirt you gonna be digging in, pray tell ???

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