Please help me find GAMN brand chainsaw sharpener or better

I'm looking for a good chainsaw chain sharpener. A mandraulic operated
one. Years ago a friend of mine let me borrow his favorite sharpener.
It was made by GAMN if my memory is correct. Here's a brief
description of the tool and how it is used:
The tool has a guide that clamps to the bar and guides the carbide
cutter. The cutter resembles a flame shaped burr. The cutting surfaces
are longer than a burr though. A crank handle is fastened to the
cutter so that the cutter rotates, unlike a file which is pushed. How
to use it is below.
First it's clamped to the bar.
Then the cutting depth and angle is set so that the worst tooth cleans
Then the tool is set to cut all the depth guides the proper amount
Finally the depth guides are cut.
I looked on the web for this tool and it seems that it is no longer
being made. Or at least not being made under the same brand name. I
don't want an electric saw sharpener and the saw sharpener file guides
I've used didn't work very well when I used them. I use to file my
chains by hand but nerve damage now makes it very hard for me to keep
my cuts with a file consistent. So if anyone knows where to buy one of
these, or knows of a product that works well for the clumsy I would
really appreciate a source.
Eric R Snow
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Eric R Snow
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