Request for help finding a 1/4-32 or 1/4-40 screw or threaded rod stock

Hi Everyone,
Can anyone please tell me where I can find some 1/4-32 or 1/4-40 screws
about 1.8" long. I can cut down a longer screw. I don't need a head on
the screw, so I could cut the head off, or use threaded rod stock.
Cutting the head off the screw may be cheaper.
I'm going to drill a hole through the screw at one end and use it as an
adjustable spring anchor. Due to space limitations, I need to use a
small pattern hex nut (maximum 5/16" flat to flat) such as the Part #
91862A516 from
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They also make a 1/4-40 nut at
slightly more cost.
I could not find a 5/16" hex nut to work on a regular 1/4-20 or 1/4-28
screw, so that's why I need to find a 1/4-32 or 1/4-40 screw. If I
could find a 5/16" hex nut to work with a 1/4-20 or 1/4-28 screw, that
would also solve my problems since 1/4-20 or 1/4-28 screws are more
easy to find.
I would appreciate any help anyone can provide with finding a source
for the screws, or any feedback.
Thanks for your help.
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Enco has a 6 ft length of 5/16 brass for $ 8.68 . You could tap that 1/4 20 and make a bunch of nuts. Jim
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Jim Sehr
Depending on how many you are making, you might just grind or mill the outside of a standard nut down to 5/16". Don Young
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Don Young
If you can get by without a hex on the outside, here's what I would do:
Go and grab my can of "T-nuts" for woodworking projects, take a 1/4-20 one and hacksaw or grind off the "head" part.
If you've got a lathe, drill press, or even a 1/4 inch electric drill you could put the T-nut on a 1/4-20 bolt, chuck it up use a file to cut the head down to the largest diameter you can fit in your assembly while it's spinning. then file a couple of parallel flats on it to accept a 5/16" wrench.
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Jeff Wisnia
Hi everyone,
Thanks for all your feedback,
Thanks for the tip on the T-nut Jeff. It may be a viable option, but I have to be able to adjust the nut with a box end wrench due to space limitations. I also need to keep everything as cost effective as possible.
I just started a new thread in the group at the link below, with a link to a drawing that shows the problem in more detail. If I can create a slot in my existing 10-32 screw, I won't need to go with a larger 1/4" OD screw.
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Thanks again, John
Jeff Wisnia wrote:
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1/4-32 was the thread for a floorplate screw for one make of rifle, Brownell's might have something. They've also got blank screws and the 1/4" button dies in those pitches. Don't know of anything using 1/4-40 except some of my stuff and the Model Engineer(M.E.) threads live steamers sometimes use. Live steamer model suppliers might be a source for something like that, boiler stays, maybe.
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