OT: Local Fire

9pm 8/17/17
I had an exciting day. After hearing a helicopter circling around my
neighborhood, I walked out back and was treated to 35' tall flames
coming from the brush on the hill behind me. I'm 1/4 mile away from
the I-5 freeway and the fire was on the other side, uphill from it.
3 helicopters with water, several small planes with orange retardant,
a larger tanker with retardant spent 6 hours quenching it. It's dark
now and I walked out to see if there were any visible hot spots. There
are firemen up there with lights and hoses, processing the edges, and
there are a couple of small orange blazes. Over the hill, 1+ miles
away, the smoke was beginning to come up again, so they'll probably
get it fully contained tomorrow.
6am 8/18/17
They evidently contained it overnight and there is no smoke anywhere
this morning.
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I put up a web page with pics and
descriptions here.
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Well done. And Phew.
I used to live in a steep canyon of redwoods and mixed hardwoods. A fire (we had several ) can race up the hill and valley due to on-shore breeze and updraft. Plenty of oxygen in cool breeze and plenty of wood product.
We maintained a all but useless road on our lower level - normal road was up-hill from the house. The lower was never repaved but I had sand filling the cracks (earthquakes) and breakage. The large pump truck and crew from Cal Fire team used it as a staging are and maintained watch from there.
Martin - now in hurricane and tornado land.
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Martin Eastburn
And here comes a Hurricane. Few this year, this one will be very wet. It will vacillate south to north gulf coast of Texas and dump a foot or two of rain.
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Martin Eastburn
I wish we had -that- water dropping on the local fire today. It is now the largest in the country. The Chetco Bar fire is a bit larger than the little brush fire I had last week. It has burnt down 102,333 acres now while 1,398 firefighters fight it, and is only about 45 miles southwest of me. Luckily, the wind direction is keeping about 90% of the smoke to the south of us.
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