OT? Pom pon plastic?

Hi all,
I know this may sound weird & it may not be apropos for this group,
but since you guys seem to know EVERYTHING ;-),.... here goes...
When I was a kid, my Grandparents & relatives used to get together &
hand make pom-pons for wedding cars.
This plastic came on rolls & was very thin, transparent and actually
tubular, one could seal one end & make a "dry cleaning bag".
As kids we used to tie up one end of an ~8' length of this tubing and
attach a small aluminum tart tin with 3 pieces of telephone wire on
the bottom end, throw a spoonful of sterno in the tart tin , light it
& we'd have a hot air balloon! ( if there was NO wind).
My question is, is there anyone that still sells this stuff ( the
plastic "tubing") ?
I've seen tons of ads for pre-made pom-pons..but nothing for the "raw
Checked hobby shops & all..still no luck ( here in Canada anyway)
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Should give you some ideas.
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Ian Stirling

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