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Any of you guys know about internal air conditioner wiring? I scrounged a large squirrel cage fan and motor from an old heat pump thinkig to use it for ventilating the garage/shop but it's a 220 volt, single phase fan and needs a capacitor to run it. I didn't save the schematic so I don't remember how the capacitor is wired. Should there be two capacitors (or two in one can) and wired in series with the hot legs? (No cheap jokes about hot legs - ;))

Thanks in advance for any help. Clueless in the hot garage, Mike Slowey

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Mike Slowey
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Nope! At least, not based on what I have experienced.

1) There are a variable number of wires.

2) One is the common (let's call it 'L2' here, since it is 220 V.

3) One connects to the capacitor, the other side of which connects to L1. The value of the capacitor is motor-specific, and should be printed on the label of the motor.

4) L1 also connects to one of several other wires. How many are present is determined by how many speeds the motor has. (Not all furnaces use all speeds. Mine only uses two speeds, but happens to use a four-speed motor.

5) There should be a safety ground, and that, at least, should be yellow/green -- unless it is really old, in which case it is probably solid green

You'll need to find some information about the motor -- probably from the manufacturer -- or find a replacement motor based on the current motor's part/model number, and look up what is done with it.

If it is multiple speed, you may wish to set up a heavy-duty rotary switch to select the speeds, as some speeds may be too much most of the time.

Note that the speed is not inherent in just the motor. The windings selected limit the power available to the motor, so the drag of the squirrel-cage blower will load it down a lot relative to a bare motor. (So it is not a particularly good machine tool motor, but for your use, it should be pretty good.)

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

Likely it is a "PSC" motor :

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