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I have 3 year old Goodman air conditioner. One ton. It is used for a bonus room. Went upstairs for the first time in a few days. It was very hot. Air was blowing through vents but not cold. The condenser outside was kind of buzzing but the fan was not turning. Eventually finally the buzzing went off. With a screwdriver I was able to turn the fan blades very easily. Could this be the fan motor? I have a multimeter and know how to use it. Is there a way to diagnose this problem myself. I have two kids and money is tight right now. I saw no obvious leaks. I have a leak checker but it will be the morning before I can. But wouldnt it be making no noise and shut off if it was out of refrigerent? My guess was the fan is not working and it caused the unit to kick off as a safety measure and that the "buzzing" i heard was the bad fan motor but I dont know. I have not worked with home air conditioners too much just cars. Any help is appreciated!

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What, the thing with the fan blades ? Yes, that could be the fan motor.


Oh well.

Then call a local service company to come fix it, and show your appreciation by paying them.

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Sounds like the starting cap on the fan motor gone away. Hopefully, when the buzzing went away, the motor didn't leave with it. Try the cap. Respectfully, Ron Moore

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Ron Moore

Seeing as you have no f****ng clue, you need to STFU.

Reply to got a problem alright....

goodman didnt make, nor do they make, a one ton AC unit.

yea....its out of refrigerant..yea..thats it..thats why the FAN f****ng simple is that?

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Problem with your fan motor. Some have start and run capacitors. Some only have a run capacitor (ie. permanent split capacitor motor). I had the same problem with my home a/c 2 years ago. I ordered my motor from (no affiliation, just a satisfied customer).

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Shut up, you stupid clueless f****it.

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Might be the muffler.

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Which part was very hot? The outside part, or the indoor part?

That's because it was very hot.

Could what be the fan motor? You just said you were turning the fan blades with a screwdriver. A screwdriver is not a fan motor. It's used for turning screws, not fan blades. A fan motor is what turns fan blades.

What kind of leak were you looking for? If you are trying to say that it's not cooling, then likely, you won't see condensate leaking. If on the other hand, you were trying to see a refrigerant leak, you won't see that either. As far as having a multimeter, and a leak checker (and that could mean anything from this

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on up to
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) what difference will that make for you? If there's an electrical issue, someone will need to come fix it for you. If you think you found a leak, you can't fix that either. If you didn't need to go in the bonus room for several days, it can probably wait until you can get someone to come figure out what's up.

A home air conditioner is not the same as a car (or a car air conditioner, for that matter). A car is not going to electrocute you. In a car, you are dealing with 12 volts, and maybe 30,000 volts pulsed. Get your fingers in the wrong place, and it WILL knock you on your ass - the injuries come after the shock, not from it. Home AC, 240 volts, all in the open. It won't knock you back. It will grab you, and hold you. As for your theory of shutting off with no refrigerant, remember, you said Goodman. Cars are required to have high and low pressure cutoffs because of safety issues. Goodman probably isn't gonna have that. The consequences of burning up a home AC compressor are not the same as putting chunks of car AC compressor through the hood at highway speeds.

Safety lesson over.

Aside from anything else, you have not even begun to provide any information (and don't bother, just call someone to see if anything is wrong) that would allow someone to take a guess as to what the problem might be. Well not quite enough (start and run in one.... never mind) We don't know if this thing is split or package.

One other thing...... try replacing the thermostat.

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Mo Hoaner

Go back to alt.hvac with all the other paranoid union losers.

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Pete C.

Yes, but you need a multimeter and you must also know how to use it.

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Look for bulges in the housing, or visible leaks (mineral oil if new, PCB's if old). They do sell capacitor testers, but they are very expensive. If in doubt, replace. Capacitors are cheap.

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Goodman doesn't make a 1 ton split..... but you can make me a liar by posting the model and serial numbers The buzzing went off when something else tripped or burnt up so by not turning it off immediately, you have compounded your problem(s). Hopefully you didn't fry the fan motor or the compressor with your screwing around. If the motor and compressor are ok, it will be a simple, inexpensive repair. Your problem has *NOTHING* to do with the refrigerant system, and has everything to do with Goodman being the cheapest made POS around. There is no comparison between a car a/c and a home comfort system. I have a couple of customers that still haven't learned that what might work on a car a/c will destroy a home comfort system.

*Most* competent HVAC techs will immediately know exactly what your problem is and have the parts on the truck.

FWIW, poor mouthing won't work... nobody cut me any slack when I had 2 households (one with child support), and a business to support.

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Put your tongue across the terminals, like a 9 volt battery.

If it tingles, it's OK.

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Stop cross-posting there, f****it.

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Grab it with the power applied.

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Al Moran


You seem to be having some serious problems with English grammar. As we all know, STFU stands for "So True, Fellow Usenetter" [*] which obviously just doesn't parse at the end of your sentence there.


[*] Eg, see acronyms table near the end of
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James Waldby

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