OT: the great recession -- it just keeps on taking

Im rather curious as to why the claim continues that the Recession is over.
Actually...it continues full speed ahead. Why are they claiming it ended 4 yrs ago? Oh...excuse me..thats when Obama became President...
"The socialist movement takes great pains to circulate frequently new labels for its ideally constructed state. Each worn-out label is replaced by another which raises hopes of an ultimate solution of the insoluble basic problem of Socialism, until it becomes obvious that nothing has been changed but the name. The most recent slogan is "State Capitalism."[Fascism] It is not commonly realized that this covers nothing more than what used to be called Planned Economy and State Socialism, and that State Capitalism, Planned Economy, and State Socialism diverge only in non-essentials from the "classic" ideal of egalitarian Socialism. - Ludwig von Mises (1922)
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If you have been following the economics/financial threads,
this should be of interest.
formatting link

FWIW the Globe and Mail is a conservative business oriented
paper of Toronto Canada.
This data shows that "regulations" which prevent or limit
financial recessions/implosions can be cost effective, even
if they limit the profits of some of the financial services
sectors and/or "flexibility," as the direct and
consequential cost/loss avoidance for the large majority
*FAR* exceeds any loss of (largely unearned) paper profits
of the tiny minority.
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Gunner Asch on Sat, 21 Sep 2013 11:50:06 -0700 typed in rec.crafts.metalworking the following:
Kind of reminds me of the stories about the innkeeper on the Oregon coast, when asked about how long the fog was expected to last. He said "These morning fogs don't usually last long." Course, around noon, the fog is still as thick, and shows no sign of thinning. When told "I thought you said these morning fogs don't last long." he replied "They usually don't last past noon. Now these afternoon fogs, sometimes they last all day and into the night."
So, yeah, the recession did end four years ago. But the recover is a bit delayed in starting up. Unless you are a government employee/hire. -- pyotr filipivich "With Age comes Wisdom. Although more often, Age travels alone."
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