Modelling The Recession/Depression.

Business is way down on the railroads, but it was brought home to me
just *how far* down when I drove past Union Pacific's West Colton
Yards on my way into L.A. this AM.
Parked along one of the tracks were 124 dead-lined diesel units
coupled nose-to-tail; 121 of them U.P. units ranging from old and beat-
up to reasonably new and clean, plus three of the old grey and scarlet
S.P. units that U.P. somehow never quite got around to painting
yellow. All told; well over a mile's worth of dead locos.
Wonderful modelling opportunity for a locomotive collector who models
the Union Pacific, but sort of depressing when you realise that all of
those units were hard at work as little as a year ago.
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On 2/24/2009 2:29 PM Twibil spake thus:
Pictures, pleeze? (I know--you were on your bike, didn't have your camera, etc. Maybe next time?)
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David Nebenzahl
Actually, I was in my cage (biker slang for any enclosed vehicle) on a business jaunt, but no, I didn't have a camera with me, nor am I sure it would have done you much good if I had.
I mean, how in the heck *does one* take a still picture of a mile-long diesel lash-up, anyway? Perhaps a *really* long telephoto lens looking down the length of the tracks?
In any case, my U.P. info source claims that they're going to be parked there until business either picks up or U.P. decides to junk 'em and take the tax writeoff, so they'll probably be there for a while yet. (He also told me that there are similar deadlines at U.P. yards in at least two other locations in addition to West Colton. This does not bode well.)
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On 2/24/2009 4:49 PM Twibil spake thus:
Seriously, this needs to be documented. (Meaning, "I really wanna see this!")
Someone needs to go out there with some serious gear. Fuck digital. I'm talking about a large-format film camera with the right lens and a smart photog behind it who knows where to position themselves to get a spectacular shot.
This could be one of the seminal images of the Great Depression II.
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David Nebenzahl

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