pc software for bolthole layout?

Hi, I have a pc with winXP. My measurements never seem quite accurate
and take a long time even with graph paper. Is there some SIMPLE,
cheap or free software that just shows a measured grid and lets you
put the holes there and print it out? You could take the cutout and
tape it on the part and score the holes with a punch. What could be
easier? Thanks.
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DesignCad or almost any CAD program will do that for you. For real accuracy you need to rotate the bolt circle under the drill press or mill with a dividing head. Bugs
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Hey D-B,
I note he has recently moved his site to here. Surprised he didn't drop in and tell us.
Lot's of good stuff, and it's freeware.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
I considered it but decided that the subject wasn't sufficiently political for RCM. :-)
The BOLTCIRC program won't produce a paper pattern but it will generate the (x,y) coordinates for the holes which, IMO, is more accurate than a pattern.
I recently had occasion to lay out holes of varying diameter on a bolt circle such that the hole-to-hole spacing was constant. Solving that problem involves iterating a transcendental equation which is a bit messy to do by hand. A new program, VREV, does the dirty work.
Regards, Marv
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Marvin W. Klotz
Hard to tell how much accuracy you ned, but your printer will provide a representation of what you want, but won't be very precise
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Jon Grimm

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