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I picked up a Pexto 137 stomp shear from Ebay. Seems in reasonable
shape and the blades are sharp. The only problem is that along the far
right side, the last 3" - 4" inches or so, the blade clearance is about
0.006". This causes a slight lip along one edge when shearing thin
sheets, ie ~ 0.025" or so. Everwhere else, the shear will cut a sheet
of paper, but not on the right hand side. The back of the top blade
support has a large screw that appear to provide a controlled bowing,
but this does not seem to solve the problem. I'm thinking of putting a
shim behind the right hand end of the top blade. Anyone have some
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I think on the Pexto (formerly Peck, Stowe) the platen (with the other blade) can be moved closer and away from the movable blade by loosening some bolts on the side of the platen. If the blade has actually been bent, or ground badly, then this may not help.
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Jon Elson
Like Jon said. Loosen (but still snug) the bolts on the side and the hex bolt on the front corner then adjust the setscew on the front corner to move the table closer. DON'T mess with the upper truss bar! If you have to take out a slight wave use shim behind the blade(s). the front corner., Also, there are set screws under the lower blade to bring it level with the table and support the blade. Lastly, adjust the pull links to have the moving blade start down at each end simultaneously. Grease the guides. RichD (I have a 36" foot shear)
oldjag wrote:
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Too late, I allready adjusted the truss bar looser, but wound up putting it back about where it was. No harm done I hope. I pulled off the lower blade and cleaned out behind it. Didn't really make a difference, so I put a 0.004" shim behind the outer 3 inches of the lower blade. Seems to work fine now. Also found, (as you mentioned), that the pull rods were not adjusted equally. Kinda expected some kind of an "up stop" besides the top of the side casting above the gibs, but I guess this is the way it is supposed to be. Bangs a little if you side step the foot pedal. Thanks for the info.
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