Metal Shear question: Niagara

At work we just set up an older Mechanical metal shear. It is a
Niagara 1/4" capacity 8 foot model 88. So.. I call up Bliss clearing
Niagara and ask for a manual. While I am on the phone I say " Please
tell me that I am not spending $150 for 20 pages of generic safety BS
and 2 pages of documentation" the sales weasel assures me that will not
be the case. 10 days later a beutiful two inch binder arrives. 25 pages
of inapplicable warnings, 10 pages of redundant shear safety stuff and
oh yes 6 pages of part numbers and drawings, two of which are to the
wrong machine. I call them up and ask where the rest is and they say
thats it. So wise guy I am I ask whatabout the Lubrication chart,
lube specification sheet, operation instructions, maintenace
information and setup information. Not available. Next question is it a
coincedance that the only information available are the parts that you
can sell me instead of useful information? Of course not.
SORRY ABOUT THE TIRADE. Question: Since Aluminum has basically 1/2 the
shear strength of mild steel what about the shear capacity of Aluminum
on this machine? Think I need to adjust the shear blade clearance also,
I guess I will consult my manual. Right.....
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I ran a half inch hydraulic shear years ago and its rating was quarter inch for stainless and 5/8 for aluminum. I would expect your maximum capacity would be 5/16 for aluminum. You might be able to hear 3/8 but that would be maximum in my opinion. It also would depend on what alloy. Randy
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Randy Zimmerman
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The shear does have a capacity plate which say 7/32" in stainless, 1/4" in steel. The Aluminum alloy I would be shearing is mostly 6061 T6.
I always used the figures of 50,000 pounds for steel shear strength. (have seen it listeed as 60,000 also) and 30,000 pounds for 6061 T6.
I think I might need more shear clearance (Knife clearance) for heavier material though. I will look it up in my manual. Oh ya... not available. Anyone have any experience with that company machinery manuals?
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I have similar quesitons on my diacro 12 inch shear. All I know is 1/16 mild steel.
What are its capabilities in 304 SS, aluminum and brass ?
I tried 20 gauge (0.036) SS and it cut it ok, but that lever pulled pretty darn hard. I have never tried 1/16 mild steel; maybe that would be a good comparison.
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Chuck Sherwood
Machinery manuals had the complete REAL manual on file, I just purchased it for $50 less than Bliss Clearing Niagara's manual. I will let you know about capacity when I get it.
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