Pictures of Clausing 8530 mill and clausing lathe!

I want to thank all members of rec.crafts.metalworking who gave me advice on transporting this equipment. Luckily, nothing bad happened (other than me having an awful case of hay fever/allergy).

Many pictures and comments are at

formatting link
By the way, I want to open a wordpress blog site for my project stuff, and it will be open to everyone. Hopefully, we could upload pictures as well as text.

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$850 TOTAL????

what sort of mask and gun did you use when you committed that robbery?

Btw...I hope there is a tailstock for that lathe.....

VERY NICE score. Bravo!!!


Rule #35 "That which does not kill you, has made a huge tactical error"

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Yep. I have to add that yesterday, I also paid him

$10 for a "boring head", mill vise, and something else $70 for a "indexing head", about 90 lbs.

The seller told me this, literally: "I know that people sell this stuff through the internet, but I do not know how to sell it on the internet, I am afraid that I would get paid too little. That's why I did not sell on the internet.".

My answer was "Oh, I understand".

Yes, it is in my truck, we took it off for ease of loading/unloading.

Thank you!

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