Pin clutch

I do a little metal sculpturing. I have a Harbor Freight 7 X 10 lathe and a Craftsman drill press with a cross slide to use as a milling machine, so you see I don't do anything real precision. I want to make a dragline, also called a crane or digger, that you may have seen on the midway at fairs and carnivals. I'm making it as a work of art, not a precision machine to be heavily used. I am working from a patent drawing. One of the mechanisms, made from scratch, is a "pin clutch". In my research on the net I found that there a lots of kinds of pin clutches and they are mostly torque limiters, but I haven't found anywhere that I can get details on the concept. I am familiar with a radial pin clutch, but this is a linear one and I can't envision how it works. The patent describes it but does not break it down, apparently assuming you know what a pin clutch is. Can anyone point me to a webpage, book, manual or other source where I can find some details on pin clutches? Thank you for any help.


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