PING: Iggy

You've posted a link for recently and I decided to
register in that site.
However, I wasn't sure about a few things like shipping items if ever I win
anything from them so I've been holding up on placing any bids on anything.
Have you made any transactions with them? Is it just for people in Illinois
or for those who are able to pick up the item personally? How's somebody in
the West Coast going to make it? I guess I've been spoiled in Ebay where
everything seems to be so easy.
I've sent emails to the site contact link but so far I have not received any
responses. I really don't want to just place a bid and waste money in case I
win something and unable to go to the item location to make a pick up.
Is the site even reliable at all? They don't seem to have a lot of
activities but they have a few items I'm very interested to acquire.
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They are auctioneers, and, as such, do not ship ANYTHING. If you win something that you cannot pickup, you would need to locate someone who would be willing to pick up, pack and ship for you (which will cost big bucks). I only bid on what I can pick up myself. Their prices are not particularly great, most of the things that they sell, end up not being bargains, but some do end up being bargains.
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If you are looking for auctions on the West Coast, check out:
formatting link
I've been to a couple of their sales, never bought anything, but they seem to be the biggie in the Bay/LA areas.
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Jerry Foster

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