Pinging Larry Jaques (and anyone else that has/uses a Ryobi 18v reciprocating saw)

Larry, others:
I can't seem to be able to retain the blades in my 18v Ryobi
reciprocating saw. My only need for it is when I go to my local pick
& pull salvage yard - anywhere else I'll use my Super-Sawsall. When
cutting thru sheetmetal - where occasionaly the blade will stick or
bind, it comes out of the collet. Frequently I am unable to get more
than 15 to 20 seconds (!) of sawing without the blase coming out.
I have tried various brands of blades, I have chamfered the hole in
the blade (the saw collet has a ball bearing that is the locking
device). I have relieved material in the housing to make sure the
blade release is not being triggered by the housing inadvertantly. I
have tried to side load the blade to the collet in all directions.
Nothing has made a difference.
Have you had issues retaining blades in your Ryobi recip saw? I
really do not want to buy a different brand if I can avoid it to have
common batterys between tools. I have considered buying a replacement
blade collet (about $25 as a service part + shipping) if that would
solve the problem.
If you wish to contact me directly, my address is aribert at live dot
com (the default address in the header is in active.
TIA for any insight
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Do NOT chamfer the hole in the blade. That will increase the possibility of the problem. You want a nice, sharp edge with no burrs, but no chamfer, either.
I haven't had a problem at all, but it sounds like the collet is the problem. I can't believe the part costs that much. You could buy an entire new recip saw for that, sans battery. Check eBay. Checking online...nogo for HD or eBay. Parts-OK.
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I don't have my saw inside the house, but it looks like a 510 or 181. Same price.
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Sliding rod & clamp, $12.61 Better price?
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Larry Jaques
Thanks for the reply. At $13, it is worth while to replace the blade collet.
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aribert n

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