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Well, the summer is coming to a close but I still had to do some weedeating today. Ate some pain killers and started up the Ryobi weedeater. This thing just keeps on running. The 4 stroke motor has so much more torque when loaded down than the 2 strokes I used to use. I'm on my third or fourth skill saw blade. Since changing to carbide teeth they last much longer. The local Lumbereman's sells carbide tooth blades for $3.99! That's a third of the price for the P.O.S. blade that comes with the weedeater. The instructions say DO NOT SHARPEN the blade. Stupid safety instructions but I guess they need to do that because people will try to grasp a spinning blade to stop it or maybe bump it against their foot to stop it or something. Anyway, at the beginning of this summer, the ryobi ran poorly because I'd left gas in it all winter and it had gone bad. I cleaned the carb, and after a few tanks it runs just like it did when new. This year it gets that Stabil stuff. The gist of this post is I'd tell anyone to buy one of the Ryobi 4-STROKE trimmer machines. The quick change feature allows someone to use their 2 stroke attachments on a 4 stroke if the

2 stroke gives up the ghost too. I hoped that after 4 years of posting good things about my Ryobi product that they'd send me a coupon or something but no dice. Still, they are made in Arizona and are a good machine and people oughta buy 'em. Cheers, Eric R Snow, Who only has 2 acres covered with blackberries.
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