Ryobi engine

A friend of mine gave me a Ryobi weedwacker engine that he had converted
several years ago for model airplane use, but never did. It has a Walbro
carburetor (WT312) that has two brass tubes coming out of it. The smaller
diameter tube near the high and low end screws is the fuel pickup. Can anyone
tell what the slightly larger diameter tube on the opposite side is used for?
Is it used for pressurizing the fuel tank? I've been to the Ryobi and the
Walbro sites but can't find this particular carburetor. I'd like to get this
engine running on a test stand before I stick it into an airplane.
Joe L.
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That is a primer fuel entrance. The engine won't run correctly if it is left open. You should either solder it closed or put a short piece of fuel tubing on it and tie a knot in it. I have a Ryobi that I fly regularly and I have the primer hooked up. Don't need it. Eddie Fulmer AMA 63713
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Gasoline engines do NOT pressurize the tank.
However, there were several Walbro carbs that had little prime pumps and I suspect that may be the remnants of it.
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Thanks Eddie and Six_O'Clock_High, I think you guys are right and that this tube is for priming the engine. I will close it off and see what happens. Joe L.
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