Well I suppose it had to happen !

Well I suppose it had to happen!

Today my main company fuse blew when my rotary converter was spinning away driving the chiller. Total load about 15KW. The poor old fuse has been repeatedly stressed for the last 22 years that we have been here starting up loads of big motors on machinery. As an example my old static phase converter would push it's 100 amp meter off scale when it started my big compressor.

Fuse carrier is marked up 100amp so I was rather suprised when the man from EDF opened it up and found a 60 amp in there. He replaced it with a 100a one. Time from calling them to fuse replaced was less than an hour - quite impressive I think.


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Andrew Mawson
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Better than the five days I had to wait from EDF's previous encarnation as 24/7 (sic)

Needless to say when they declined compensation I took the case to Ofgem who instructed them to cough up.


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Charles Ping

But then not everyone has a spare power station lurking in the back of the basement just to drive the induction kipper cooker.

They were worried you'd connect it to the grid and take all their customers.

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