power line videos on youtube

someone posted a link to a video of a helicopter power line inspector guy,
there are dozens of power line (and power line arc/explosion/fire, etc.)
videos on youtube. i've been watching some of them and they're jaw
droppingly incredible.
these guys have brass balls.
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this one is of a radio tower being demolished, apparently a plane crashed
into it, at the very end of the video you can see the wreckage of a small
plane falling out of the webbing of the tower. it looks like a toy.
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there's so many i'm afraid i'd drive you all nuts if i posted all the links
to all the incredible videos, you'll have to go there and link around there
yourself. post back the ones you think are incredible.
(we've seen the one with the gigantic arc, and the one of the power station
burning and exploding)
like this
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William Wixon
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You'll want to get to your Imax theatre and watch Straight Up, a helicopter piece done for the Smithsonian by one of the more famous imax cinematographers, David Douglas... Has some footage of the brass ball guys on the lines... /mark
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Mark F
holy fuck, I am speechless.
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Those were GREAT videos. Thanks for the link.
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Jim Chandler

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