Powered trailer Jacks

I have a heavy gooseneck flatbed trailer with dual 12K Jacks in the
front. When I park the trailer in the barn, the crank is next to the
wall making it hard to access and turn. I could rig it so the crank
is on the other side (or build a bigger barn) but I'd like to have the
jacks powered. I have batteries on the trailer to power a winch (for
loading) and hydraulics(for tilt), so power is not a problem.
I did a search and came up with H&H Powerheads, but they did not
answer the phone and there is not much info on the website.
I was thinking of rigging a 12V winch, replacing the drum with a
sprocket or a cogged belt to a mating pulley on the shaft between the
two jacks. Most winches come with forward and reverse switches and a
mechanical disconnect to allow freewheeling.
Rigging a motor and speed reducer would require some kind of clutch to
disconnect when using by hand, that is why I thought of the winch. It
has it built in.
Any other suggentions/ideas or something I have overlooked?
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You have hydraulics, I'd use rams for the jacks.
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Ron Thompson
How 'bout a small hydraulic motor replacing the crank? Ken.
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Ken Sterling
How about replacing the crank with a hex nut that is welded on. Then using a husky drill motor to do the cranking. When needed you could use a ratchet wrench or lug wrench in place of the drill motor.
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Dan Caster
Dan, That might work out well. I'll look into it.
Thanks for all of your comments,
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Unless your existing lifts have a really high reduction ratio, a drill will not have the torque to do the job. Build a stub end to go on the shaft where the crank handle slips on and try it out. I have a friend who has a 26' 5th wheel enclosed car trailer with a center lift. We got tired of the external crank and found a 35:1 jack screw that we mounted. One of the old large Craftsman 1/2 drills would really grunt to lift the trailer, and be almost too hot to hold when done. We mounted 12" flywheels and 2 chebbyy starter motors (one to go up, one to go down)to turn the jack screw drive. Works like a charm, can't hardly tell when it finally starts to lift the trailer. It's a little slow, about 90 seconds to run it full stroke which is 16 inches or so.
I like the hydraulic solution though. Simple, fairly cheap, should be pretty easy to install.
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