Pre-anodized aluminum sheet?

I know I've seen this before but can't find anything now.

Does anyone know of an online source for small quantities of pre anodized aluminum sheet?

I believe it was .040 material or so and smaller pieces like 12 by 24 etc.

Seems to me they also had painted aluminum sheet.

THANKS for any leads.

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This quite likely doesn't fit your useage, but anodizing aluminum can reduce the fatigue life of aluminum by as much as 50%. We have had a helicopter crash caused by anodizing an aluminum control rod and the ship had just a couple of hundred hours since new. Anodizing does increase the corrosion life significantly but I would never anodize an aluminum member that had a job to do such as control or support that had any exposure to vibration.


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Stuart & Kathryn Fields

McMaster-Carr sells some. Page 3540 Paul

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