pressure washer pump oil

My washer needed some spring PM so I opened the pump (never done this before) and spilled the oil all over the bench. Karcher specs 15W-40 non detergent and wants almost $30 for a quart. Is there something special about the oil for a pressure washer pump or can I just use regular 15W-40 ND? Art

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My pressure washer calls out changing this once/year. I just use 30W ND.


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JR North

Thanks for the replies guys. I ran off this morning before checking the wreck and found a pint of pressure washer pump oil at Ace for $4.50. My pump takes just less than 4oz so I'm good for a few years now. *IF* I can manage to find the damn jug next time! Art

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I've never heard of a multi viscosity non-detergent oil. Has anyone else?

Froogle search turned up zero hits.

I'd use 30 weight ND, unless you pressure wash in extremely low or high temperatures.

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Stormin Mormon
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