Pressurized parts washer

I just finished cleaning a set of lathe change gears and feel that there has to be a better way than a brush and solvent. I tried ultrasonic in a solvent bath and I still had to brush out the teeth roots and it was slower than I'd like.

What I thought was to make a pressure washer for parts. Not real high pressure like a real "pressure washer", maybe 100 - 200 psi. Not as much flow either - .25 - .5 gpm. I'd need something like a sandblasting cabinet to keep down spray.

But ... maybe there's a reason why people don't do this. Or do it commonly. I've never heard of one and I just Google-grouped RCM without finding anything.

  1. Do these things exist? If not, what do you suppose the problem is? If so, what are the operating parameters (psi & flow)?

  1. ELSE: if I were to build one anyway, do you think 100 - 200 psi and .25 - .5 gpm are good numbers? Can you think of any gotcha's to worry about?

Thanks, Bob

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Bob Engelhardt
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