Rebuilding battery packs

Any of you ever replace the batteries in your rechargable tool's
battery packs? Hate to buy a new drill just because all three of my
battery packs have died in the last few months. After all the drill is
only 5 or 6 years old! To replace all three packs would cost as much as
buying a whole new drill without extra batteries. Battery in question
are 9.6 and look to take 7 sub-c with tabs
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I have done it and have also had packs rebuilt by and Some packs are very awkward to rebuild unless you have the ability to weld on the tabs at different angles. I've decided that all my future needs will be met by one of the above. It's just less hassle.
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R. O'Brian
I've also done it, not too hard to solder wires if the battery has tabs already welded on. I seldom use the cordless so now I just rejuvinate a dead battery pack for the day when I need it.
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Nick Hull
I've done it for items I can't get replacements for or cost way too much. Take a look at the Mouser Electronics catalog for tabbed cells. They're also online but sometimes the entries don't have as much info as the catalog does.
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Be sure of the type and size of rechargeable batteries in your pack. The wrong match of battery and charger can cause problems. A search of
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for battery will show the option available. I have made packs for both, a home mixer and my bicycle 12-volt pack. I find soldiering wit a soldier gun to work well on the tabbed cells.
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What's that Lassie? You say that Gerry fell down the old rec.crafts.metalworking mine and will die if we don't mount a rescue by 23 Jul 2006 12:00:43 -0700:
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I have used them to rebuild 4 packs so far and have liked the results. The web site is a little hard to navigate, but you can just call them.
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