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Hi All;
I'm looking at making a press that will crimp the end of a piece of 1/2 to
1 1/2 inch EMT ( Wall thickness ~0.065) flat and punch a hole for a carrage
bolt. Is there any formulas to calculate the force needed to punch a 3/8
square hole in 2 pieces of 0.065" mild steel?
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Pat Ford
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(.33x total linear outline of the square) x material thickness x 80 = tons of pressure
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You can lower your pressure needs with an angle on the punch.
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Tom Gardner
Hi Pat - take a look at:
formatting link
The sheet on Cutting Tonnage or the Perf Pressure tab will help you figure this. Someone also mentioned shear angle, which will indeed make a major difference (reduction). As noted, if you know the cross sectional area it's pretty straight forward.
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Sean-Michael Adams

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