Pure Iron source needed (USA)

I'm looking for a couple of feet of at least 99.5% pure iron rod or bar, any size from at least 1/4" square or round, but not over 1/2" thick. I need it for element collectors looking for pure samples of various metals. I found this link on google:

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they require a company account to order from them. (And also has a minimum), The 10 x 20mm size looks ideal, but I need a source willing to sell small amounts to anybody.

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AISI 1005 steel is at least 99.5% iron, according to

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shows alloying elements (by weight %) as C 0.06 (max) Mn 0.35 (max) P 0.04 (max) S 0.05 (max) which add up to 0.5%. Whether you can actually find any 1005 is another question.

While 1018 is quite common, its Mn limits are higher than for

1005 and its iron content may fall below 99%.

Given the small amount of iron you need, consider ordering from a UK company --

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James Waldby

The only thing I know as "pure" iron is the electrolytic stuff used by chemists. You can buy as many 9s right of the decimal point as you want, just bring money, spectrographic grade. Look it up in a lab supply list. Usually supplied as small square chunks about 1/4" thick sheared from a bar or sheet. Since the stuff is usually dissolved in acid for a test standard, physical form doesn't matter.


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