Putting a square hole ball bearing on square tube with no access

My davit of 2 x 2 hitch stock is mounted. About twelve feet base to top. Ninety off that three feet long and a diagonal. Electric hoist goes on the end of three foot horizontal top piece.

It is currently temporarily welded with 1/4" plate just holding it vertical to the container. Mounted on a concrete rotator on bottom, and has a masthead on top, negating the simple sliding of a square hole bearing like a harrow bearing on from the end. I need to pass this vertical shaft through some sort of bearing for a 360 swing, then weld a bracket over to the container to secure it.

Any ideas about how to do this without taking it off, cutting it, putting bearing on, welding it back together, and reinstalling it?

This davit is held off the side of the container about a foot, and is for light lifting in and out of the pickup. I would like to have good rotation on it on ball bearings. The best thing seems to be a harrow bearing with a square center, just trying to find an alternative without taking the whole heavy thing down.

But by the time I do all this fabbing, it would probably be less work just taking it down and doing it the right way.


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When I need a custom bearing I scrounge up a piece of pipe for the outer race, cut welding rod for rollers and turn the inner race to fit. It's "sealed" by sheet metal washers and the excess grease that oozes out.

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axles, minus the grease fittings on the ends that lead to the cross holes and grooves:
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In case you never rebuilt bicycles, you assemble loose bearings by sticking the balls or rollers in a layer of grease.


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something like

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How about taking a harrow bearing, use a thin kerf saw and split the inner and outer race. Clamp the inner in place so the cut is 90 deg. Out of plane with the lift stresses. Tack it in place in a few spots. Then install the outer race and rollers, The outer race could be held together by a saddle like a main/rod bearing in an engine.. Place some shims in the gap to allow free movement.

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