Quality Of Benchtop English Wheels

I would like to start playing around with sheetmetal as a hobby. In all my reading I believe an English Wheel would be good to have. Any comments about the quality about the benchtop type and their ability to do good work? Also any recommendations of a particular brand. I would like to start small and learn before I would spring for a full model.



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Barry, lots of info on the metalshaper and metalshaping group on yahoo, also more info at

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i would think if you know what you want to build(how big panels) that should be your guide, if you have a 24" deep throat you can make 48" wide panels(give or take a 1/2" or so) thats a fairly good size pc. larger wheels do have some nice features like large wheel/anvils

good luck with your project


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Terry Thorne

Might as well buy the plans for the larger size that you want. Can't have enough throat for working big pieces. The only difference in cost between a bench sized wheel and a floor mount, is the raw stock for the frame. Carefull scrounging and it won't be much of a difference. It will cost the same to make the wheel sets.

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