1:200 Aircraft Model Quality?

Hello all. I'm new to the model plane world, and am interested in
picking up a few 1:200 scale pieces. The Airbus A380 will probably be
my first. Then I might look for some Boeing 747,767,777 pieces. Not
knowing a darn thing about who makes good models, I'm looking for some
recommendations! I've read about the Risesoon and Herpa models of the
A380, but don't really know first hand which is the better quality (or
if there is a better brand out there.) High quality and accuracy are
my top priorities, but of course I don't want to break the bank. Any
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The classic Hasegawa 1/200th line is excellent, for the most part... though off hand, I can not remember which of the AC you mentioned are/were made by them, or currently available.
Also, there are a bazillion after-market decal sheets available for the 1/200th scale size.
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Greg Heilers
You can find all of the Boeing types you've mentioned from Hasegawa. They are very nice for their size and there are a lot of interesting decal sets specifically for these and other 1:200 scale airliners. I don't know who does a 1:200 A380 yet - usually, Hasegawa will only do an airliner kit if there is a Japanese carrier using the type.
The essential stuff can be found at:
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Very reliable service.
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