Quill Rebuild

I just got a new (used - new to me) quill for my KMB1 that isn't badly scored like the old one. It didn't feel buttery smooth so I decided to take it apart and at the very least clean and re-kluber-grease the bearings.

I have not washed the grease and dirt out of the bearings, but one of the ACBs doesn't feel wonderful to me. I figured as long as I have it apart I might as well replace all the bearings if they don't cost to much.

On the back its got a Fafnir 206PP. Seems to be pretty easy to find.

On the nose its got a pair of New Departure 20207 ACBs. Those also seem to be modestly easy to find. What got me is they don't seem to be a matched set or anything. There are no alignment marks and they are both marked identically. They are just back to back against the spacers.

It does have both inner race and outer race spacers between the ACBs and an inner race spacer between the ACBs and the rear bearing so preload is pretty much predetermined.

None of these bearings are particularly expensive. Seem like an off the shelf bearing, although most I found are new old stock rather than new stock.

Am I missing something? Is it really just as simple as it seems? Just buy a couple New Departure 20207s and a Fafnir 206PP and press all the new parts back in place?

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Bob La Londe
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