Moving a dfisabled forklift

I have been tasked with moving a Crown 3500# electric forklift out of a bui lding where a flatbed tow truck can get to it. Forklift is not functional a nd will have to be drug to a door that is 90 degrees and 100 feet away. Not hing substantial to hook a snatch block in the building to to be able to mo ve it in the direction of the door. I'm hoping that the tow truck can back into the building and tie off a snatch block to the back of his truck. Ques tions are-can the rack be lifted above the ground without damaging the hydr aulics? Chainfall from cage to rack and lift 6-8 inches? And leaned back th e same way? Someone suggested using a pallet jack to move it but I don't th ink a pallet jack will fit under it. I'm sure someone here has faced this p roblem before. Thanks in advance for suggestions

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Yeah, I'm sure somebody has--that somebody would be Crown. Call and talk to them directly.

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Yes, you can move the hydraulics and get them to stay by holding the corresponding control lever in the direction you want the hydraulics to move and physically moving them to where you want with a jack or whatever and then releasing the control lever before removing the jack.

If that fails, use a chain or husky rope to hold the piece in position once it is jacked up.

Do you have a neighbor with a fork lift to help?

Worst case to move the thing is to get a 4X4 long enough to fit across the doorway. Get a suitable long chain or cable and a husky come-a-long fasten the cable/chain around the 4X4 and the come-a-long to the old fork lift and start cranking.

I guess I don't need to tell you to make sure the brakes are off.

Do you have a buddy with a big pickup and winch?

Lots of ways to move things.


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Paul Drahn

A chainfall / comealong will lift the first stage of the mast just fine. They are pretty much all single action hydraulics, and you will in all probability just have the lift chains go slack. Make sure when you lower it you do it slowly and keep the chains from going off their guides / rollers.

Any of the electric warehouse forklifts have very little ground clearance. They will also be heavier than a standard pallet jack can handle. My little stand up rider 3k forklift is about 6,300#, vs. a typical 5,500# rated palette jack. Removing the battery will take a good

1,500# off that however. A port-a-power kit and some cribbing could lift the batteryless forklift high enough to get it on a palette jack.
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Pete C.

Gerry fired this volley in news:

You can certainly lift the forks without harming it, so long as you take care not to let the chains slack off the idler pulleys or sprockets.

To move it, soap the floor, and just slide it as far as you must to get it up onto the flatbed. Soap the flatbed ramp, too. Use a paste soap like the old wire-pulling compound.


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

Your electric forklift weighs about 5,000 lbs with battery and 3,000 lbs without.

You can easily lift the forks up and you will not damage anything.

However, your forklift emay also have electric brakes and will not want to be rolled around on its own wheels.

You can jack it up and put it on skates, but it will be difficult to skate so much weight.

You can move anything, but without the right equipment it will take longer.

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Truer words have seldom been spoke!

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William Bagwell

Soap? What a great idea!

For some reason, when you wrote that, my mind went directly to the old 'Chicken Heart' skit by Bill Cosby. "Start smearin' that Jello!"

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I sure miss that guy.

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Larry Jaques

No "neutral" on a direct drive electric ---- No transmission or clutch either

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Thanks guys! The deal fell through. I was to collect two Crown 35SCTT forkl ifts and their chargers and assemble them into one functional forklift. Wou ld have required combining both batteries to make a single good battery and swapping parts as needed to create one usable forklift. To be honest, I am glad that the job went away. Thanks again for the suggestions!

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