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A local factory building is being demolished, and I got a shot at 4 Quincy
compressor heads/motors--no tanks.
The heads are plumbed straight to some kind of gas port on huge boilers. If
it was oil, I'd know it was an atomization compressor, but in gas, I dunno.
The numbers are as follows: Model 216-103, Size 2.5x3, S/N: 6027804.
The size sorta looks like the piston diam/travel. It's not a huge head at
all, weighs mebbe 50-75 lbs.
Two pistons, identical size and adjacent to each other (no vee or anything),
typical oil resevoir w/ dip stick, air filter, etc.
Looks like a smallish single phase motor (1 hp, mebbe) is driving these, but
the compressor heads have a hefty 1 1/4" shaft w/ a gonzo flywheel/pulley on
it, w/ 2 belts.
Any idears if these heads would have sufficient cfm for a compressor tank,
or is this type of head for a totally different application? Can't glean
much info from presure gauges, etc. I will sort of have to bust my ass to
get these out, so I would like to know in advance what the story is.
Too late now to call Quincy, will call tomorrow. Just might not be able to
sleep tonite!
Mr. P.V.'d
formerly Droll Troll
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Just say yes and get them. If they turn out to be wrong for your application, test them a little and sell then and buy what you need from the proceeds.
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As someone else recommended, get them and then you can upgrade. My Gardner Denver 2x2.5 gives me 2 CFM @ 90 PSI with a 1/2 HP motor turning at ~600 RPM. Nothing to stop you from running these in parallel with progressively lower start pressures. Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller
There's also what seems to be a fairly pristine 25 hp GE motor. Howz DAT for an idler?? Only problem is, I'd proly wind up trading my gonads for it, from a lifting POV--this thing is up about 5 stories, on rickety stairs. goodgawd....
Thanks, all, for the info. Looks like the wife is going to be pissed at me again!! The cfm easily equals what I have now, on my over-hyped HD Husky (a C-H, I bleeve). But, so far, the Husky has been fine, and is super-quiet (cast iron) compared even to pricier stuff
The Husky has the same head as a lot of SpeedAires, btw, which is why I bought it--saw a fellow's smallish single stage horz'l Speedy, which was actually quieter than his much larger two-stage Speedy, and then recognized the same head on the HD compressor! Then got it as a demo (which not all HDs will do). -- Mr. P.V.'d formerly Droll Troll
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I would not take the motor if it was unsafe to take it down -- I am not sure what the risk is, but when things go out of control with heavy stuff, the damage can be tremendous.
A 25 HP motor will likely weigh 300 lbs.
Mine will be soon pissed at me again as well.
You can always simply sell the Quincy heads. Especially if you test them!
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Yeah, hauling that 25 hp w/o rigging is out of the question. My 10 hp Baldor hadda be over 200#, and this is easily twice the physical size.
Fortunately, l'Wife is starting to get a kick out of big-assed motors. I fired up the 5 hp Dayton blower/hurricane generator, blew the leaves out of the driveway to the middle of the street--from *inside* the shop!!! I think I got a convert.... :)
Yeah, I'll pick up those Q's tonite or tomorrow--even a couple they have around in parts. The flywheels/pulleys alone weigh close to 20#! Kroil-time!! -- Mr. P.V.'d formerly Droll Troll
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Um, weren't you the guy with the 200 A service? If you fire up a 25 Hp motor, the lights in your entire neighborhood are going to go out! At least, everybody on your transformer.
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Jon Elson

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