Reamer Usage

How much material (depth of cut) should you plan to remove with a .125" reamer in brass for a precise bore? (diameter, obviously the direction and position will be dictated by the accuracy of the original drilled hole)

How fast would you turn it, or in a lathe the work piece?

What lubricant / coolant would you use?

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Bob La Londe
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I'd use a #31 drill, or about 5 thou under. If in a lathe go real slow in back gear, like 50 RPM. I'd use a spritz of WD40. Not sure I have the corner on knowledge, just what I'd do.


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Karl Townsend

I didn't start using reamers at a young enough age to know by direct knowledge; I've been told "reamers like to cut", and I've always given them plenty of meat (5 to 15 thou) to go through -- and I've almost always had good success. About the only problems I've had have been traceable to poor work holding leading to bell-mouthing.

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Tim Wescott

None. cut it dry. ...lew...

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Lewis Hartswick

4584 RPM Feed = 0.0015 per rev. or 6.87 IPM

drill with #31 drill 0.1200"

cut dry, maybe air blast to clear chips out.

Remove 333 to reply. Randy

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You are unlikely to be able to turn it too fast.

.005 - .010 on the diameter, more if bellmouth is a problem

A bit of varsol is a good lubricant

Feed the reamer as fast as it will cut.

You really SHOULD float the reamer.....

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