Removing paint from inside of a steel cabinet

That is a powder coat finish (probably epoxy, looks like the same santex powder we used on Xerox stuff) Unless your getting the temperature over

400 degrees it won't cause a problem. To remove the powder without destroying the case your in foe a LOT of work. Aircraft remover will work but you need to apply it a couple times and then heat the cabinet for a couple days to get those fumes out. Sandblasting would work BUT the pressure required would warp the steel. Wire brush would take FOREVER.

Powder is tough if applied correctly. As long as it is clean it is safe around food. Heck we used to cook pizza for lunch in the baking ovens. Never had a problem in 10 years. Now BURNING powder can be a problem, it really STINKS and gives off some toxic fumes.

Personally I would just whip up a new cabinet out of bare steel and paint it with grill paint.

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Steve W.
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Have you considered gel type paint stripper? I've used this with good success on some paints and poor success on others. If it works, it will immediately cause the paint to blister and raise. It can then be scraped or brushed off.

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Gary Brady

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