RIP martin gardner

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Gunner Asch

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His column was one of the better reasons to read Scientific American, back when it was worth reading.


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Jim Wilkins

I didn't know about the Humpty Dumpty magazine. That was early reading for me, in my (doctor) father's office waiting room. Then I, along with Mr. Gardner, progressed to Scientific American - he as a brilliant writer, and I as a stumbling reader.


BTW, his philosophy on religion would have made for some interesting discussion in this group. Too bad he never joined in.

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You bet he was on top of things. I read his stuff anytime I could get some. I was programming and running life on my home made 8080 machine in the 70's.

Just got a hexaflexagon program. Lots of mental work with him.

Mart> >> >>> a real loss

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Martin H. Eastburn

Funny that he never had any formal math education past high school!

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Denis G.

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