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Anyone familiar with a rotary broaching tool made by Slater? The tool itself consists of a shank ( straight or MT taper) and a rotating broaching-bit chuck offset 1 degree in the axial. Bits are chucked in the rotating chuck and, in a manual lathe, the shank goes into the tailstock. The workpiece rotates as the bit is plunged into the workpiece. The result is a broached hole, shape determined by the the broaching bit. My question: what if you wanted to broach a workpiece that can't be rotated, and wanted to use the tool in a mill quill, would that work?

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depends on the shape of the tool and some of the print. We were broached a flash suppressor shape on our Mazak H400. On the Mazak lathes we have the z axis didn't have enough hp to push the broach shape.

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Yes wobble broaches will work in a drill press or mill. The problem is that the most common ones are "floating" type made for screw machines. They have two screws on the face which allow you to adjust the tool so that the broach is on center. On a lathe or screw machine you can loosen the screws, the with the work rotating slowly bring the broach into contact with the hole, allowing the tool to float onto center. Then lock the screws down. On a mill or drill press you would have to indicate the tool. Or better yet buy one that doesn't have the adjustable center line feature.

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