Where to get 20 ga stainless steel sheets in Bay Area

Can anyone recommend me a place that sells 20 ga stainless steel sheets in Bay Area? I need about 5sq. feet

Thanks, Alex

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Go to mcmaster.com and search for stainless steel sheet. Decide which alloy, surface finish, and sheet sizes you need. You can get it in 2 days or less from Mcmaster if you can't find a local supplier.


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R. O'Brian

Hey Alex,

Not the Bay area , but in Corona, CA

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Do a search on "stainless steel sheet", and read the info. Gage chart immediately below it.


I assume it would be shipped in a roll tube, but ask.

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Brian Lawson

Try Metal Supermarkets with stores in Hayward (main facility), Santa Clara and Redwood City (branch stores).

I've never bought stainless from them, but they seem to be able to come up with anything else I've wanted. And, unlike "remnant" stores, everything they sell comes with a certification of what it is. This is kind of important in stainless...

And they do sell small quantities.


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Jerry Foster

Metals Supermarket in Redwood city or Allan Steel off of Whipple Rd. and 101. Both will do small quantities, and will cut to size. Reasonable.

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