Rumors of my death

have been greatly exaggerated. My computer took a shit, but I ran it a long time without newsgroups. Finally got a new one a few weeks ago, then finally got it configured, no thanks to a friend who has spent a very long time on it, because "he knows a lot about computers." I sat down and hacked it out by trial and error in a short time.

Life has been good, and Craigslist is alive and well, managing to pull off some very nice home runs, thank you very much.

Yesterday, I picked up a complete Chevy 283, additional Quadrajet intake manifold, extra set of newly reworked power pack heads, starter, a humongous four speed granny truck tranny and bell housing (GM), a 289 crank in need of welding and recutting a journal (or adding a shackel for a boat anchor, an Edelbrock "twisted" 289 Torker intake manifold, Edelbrock valve cover gaskets, a set of 289 heads, some Mustang body emblems, an MG Midget head, new pressure plate and disc, windshield wiper motor and cable drives assembly, A Zenith carb assembly on intake manifold with air box, and a bunch of other asst. MG parts, for $300.

Missed youse guys, particularly when I had a question. Hope this works, and finds everyone in good health.

Steve B

PS. Going to Vegas Wed. for a CT scan on a 5 cm heart aneurysm. Maybe have another open heart operation. We'll see. I wonder if I could ask them to go horizontal this time ...........

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Glad to see you. I was wondering what happened.

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Configgin' computers is a bear nowadays, isn't it?



Welcome back, Steve.

Going for the Steampunk look, eh? Have them add rivet-look stitches, too, while you're there.

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Larry Jaques

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