Here some pic of my 1/48 WIP !

Hi !
Here an update on the various WIP in 1/48 scale I'm on now :
HASEGAWA modified as CANADIAN SPARROW program :
The is stage 2 of this project , Tbis one is almost completed , I 'm on the
computer and various detail to completed the presentation ,here a link whe
re you can view the project :
formatting link

HOBBYCRAFT AVRO CF-105 in section "PHASE 2" :
Using the HOBBYCRAFT FIN, The opposite side of the Fin is completed, ,it wi
ll just need some touch up at the end beforer I put on the clear , I'm on t
he detailling the moving mechanism for the rudder , so far I have done the
first activators and glued on place, , I also have scartch the maintenance
trolley for the fin , I have place the fin I have done on it to show what i
t would look like , but this won't be the fin that will be display on the t
rolley youl'le se later what I mean by that. here a link where you can view
the project:
formatting link

The seat is completed, base on the MARTIN BAKER MK.Vc used on the CF-105 ,
,I'm working now on the bottom fuselage walls and access to the saucer , si
nce there is no plan or indication how they had plan to do this, I have too
k the inspiration from the aircraft of the same era and the entry of the sa
ucer will be done by the bottom, I also have started to complete the auxili
airy intake and main intake ,next move wil be to figure out if this thing s
hould have landing gear or skid , here a link where you can view the projec
t :
formatting link

The DINGHY is completed , I'm now working on the presentation base for this
project . so far I have done the structure for the deck and plan to poor t
he water onto the base this week :
formatting link

The inside of the front section is completed , I also have comeplete the ba
ck section ,I'm now on the middle section , I have done the basic parts for
the floor ,this will be detail later on soon I have completed the side sec
tions , here where you can view the project:
formatting link

PYRO/LIFE LIKE BRISTOL BOXKITE with some modification project :
All the wing ribbing are completed , I have almost completed the pilot sect
ion soon its completed ,I,ll be able to rework and detail the engine ,final
assembly is not to far away on this one , here a link where you can view t
he project:
formatting link

WWII GRMAN FLAK 38 BARGE (inspire from the Verlinden 1/35 one)
I almost completed the Barge, I have done the wood work and now just need t
o add some detai on the tructure of the barge and it show be painted this w
eek , the Flak is done ,I have use the VERLINDEN 1/48 one with some details
add on , you should be able to view the Flak shortly on the page , Here th
e link where you can view the project :
formatting link

I also have a couple of 1/48 side project that I,m working on from time to
time ,like REVELL B-1A PROTOYPE(I,m awaiting to find a carrying box so I ca
n completed the painting on this one),WWII AIRFIEL CARAVAN,KLAYTRACK TRACTO
R X 2,INTREPID AIRSHIP etc.. Pics are added on a weekly/bi-weekly base on t
he one I,m working on of course ,dependng when Steph as time to place them
on the web, you can view all those and completed project at this URL :
formatting link

Hope youl'le like them !
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